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Sugar Faces Senior Dog Rescue was founded in July 2014 as Southern Maryland's first organization focused exclusively to rescue senior dogs. Sugar Faces' mission is to match abandoned senior dogs in Southern Maryland to loving families while providing a lifetime of encouragement and support.

We have listened to pet owners, animal lovers and rescuers. We hear the same message over and over - "I would love open my home to an old dog, but due to the costs of care, I don't think I can afford it." Sugar Faces works to break down barriers to saving seniors and builds bridges between dogs in need and loving families. We feel that no senior dog should be denied a great home simply due to a family's limited financial resources. Through our Forever Foster Program, animals are placed in safe, loving homes and their medical care is covered through donations to Sugar Faces.

Terminally ill seniors are placed in our Hospice Program. These dogs are treated in a non-invasive manner that provides them the greatest possible level of comfort for their remaining days.

We truly believe that ALL seniors deserve to live a life of quality and dignity, and our work builds the bridges to make this important difference in the lives of those we are able to save.

To date, 31 seniors have been saved by Sugar Faces volunteers, fosters and supporters. None of our dogs has needed a surgery, medication or vet care that we were not able to provide - THANK YOU for helping us to help them!



Sugar Faces - Senior Dog Rescue

3 days 13 hours ago

Wilbur is feeling much better today but we are going to keep him confined for a few days just to be safe. Everyone wants their breakfast including Sherman and Annie!

Sugar Faces - Senior Dog Rescue

4 days 3 hours ago

Sugar Faces' 3rd rescue, Liberty, is now nearly 17 years old and doing so well! Her furever family has given her such an amazing retirement and she is enjoying every minute of it. Lookin' great Liberty!

Sugar Faces - Senior Dog Rescue

4 days 9 hours ago

Wilbur seems to be having an episode with his back today. Keep him in your thoughts.

Sugar Faces - Senior Dog Rescue

1 week 7 hours ago

Courtesy share from Tri-County Animal Shelter:

Wiggles is a 12 year old Hound that has already been spayed. She is a victim of Hurricane Florence. She weighs about 58 lbs. She is a friendly old girl that needs to find a nice home to retire in. She is current on her rabies shot and is heartworm negative!

Please share, and if you have space for her in your family, please visit TCAS today! Thanks:)

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