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Sugar Faces - Senior Dog Rescue

1 week 13 hours ago

Happy birthday Sugar Faces Senior Dog Rescue! Today we are officially 5 years old. We offer such heartfelt thanks to the many supporters and volunteers who have helped us rescue and care for 39 seniors so far. We have seen many of our seniors pass on but have enabled them to live an amazing retirement in the most loving of homes. We have been able to provide every medical service and medication that our seniors have needed and we continue to care for 13 dogs in our rescue program. Our mission is to provide a life of quality for seniors in need in southern Maryland and we have humbly lived this mission each day for five years. Thanks to everyone who is making our mission possible. The need is much greater than us but we are able to make a small difference in our local community and a big difference in the lives of our beloved oldies.

Pupdate on the Shermanator. The Dog Bowl 2 MVP has a side job modeling for our friends at Custom Dog Jackets (check them out on FB and Etsy). He is wearing a cute Halloween harness here (pics in comments). He is also doing some training runs for Dog Bowl 3. πŸ’œπŸΎπŸˆ

At the spry age of 18+, Wilbur had his annual checkup tonight. His heart murmur has stayed the same (yea!), his eyesight is pretty bad but his nose definitely works (he is the most vocal at mealtime!), and he has put on a little weight. The only negative is his three remaining teeth are pretty nasty, but at his age we are going to leave them alone. Overall he is in great shape for a gentleman his age! PS - he loves being carried around in this bag!

Feeding time at a Senior Dog Rescue home. Wouldn’t trade it for the world:).

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