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Sugar Faces - Senior Dog Rescue

3 days 2 hours ago

Courtesy share - contact information in the comments:

Sweet Kashi is searching for a new home. Kashi has until this Sunday August 12 to find a new home or she will be taken to the animal shelter. Kashi is a female miniature Poodle, between 10-11yea old. Kashi is currently spending the majority of her time crated and has had a few accidents in the house. Kashi is not yet spayed. The current owners state that she is sweet but they do not have enough time for her with a new baby. Kashi is very matted and grooming services have been offered free of charge for her first groom. If you or anyone you know is interested in giving this little lady a forever retirement home please let me know ASAP. Kashi would only deteriorate in a kennel and deserves to spend her golden years in someone’s lap ♥️

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Sugar Faces - Senior Dog Rescue

5 days 22 hours ago

Wilbur got upgraded to a room with a balcony view! Found out today he has some intestinal parasites so he will be getting some meds. He is such a sweet boy. 💜🐾

Sugar Faces - Senior Dog Rescue

6 days 20 hours ago

Wilbur went to the vet this morning and in addition to the rotten teeth and the neuter that needs to be done, the poor boy also has a tumor on his testicle. Thankfully he was HW negative and had no tick borne illnesses. He has a very slight heart murmur and has about 50% of his vision due to cataracts. Jury is still out on whether or not he is deaf but he hasn’t reacted to any loud noises. His surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday. His stinky (mouth and ears) self spent the day at work with me. Thank goodness I have a lavender Scentsy in my office - sir Pepe le Pew!!

Wilbur is such a sweet old man. He loves to nap! He had a good night and has been eating and drinking just fine though his teeth are so bad he gets blood in his water. Vet visit coming up Tuesday. He will need at least a dental and neutering. If you’d like to donate to his care, please visit and click the donate button. You can designate your gift for Wilbur. Thank you on behalf of the seniors.

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